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What Is La Tua Cantante?
This is dedicated to songfics about the wonderful books Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Please understand we do not own these books, or any songs used in the songfics. Be nice when commenting: we all love Twilight and fics, and everyone does their best jobs, so don't be so critical, though a bit of constructive criticism and suggestions is ok, just don't chew peoples' heads off. Challenges are posted monthly, and we encourage everyone to take a shot. But hey! Reading the amazing fics is good too!

Intros and Rules
1. Be nice, we all try our best at fics.

2. When you post:
* Title
* Author
* Rating
* Summary
* Word Count
* Spoilers
* Song
* Artist
* A link to the song you used. (For example, a link to a Youtube video with the song will work.)

3. Use good judgement. If it's for mature audiances, and the author properly warns you, read at your own risk.

Introductions: Tell us...
* Your name
* Your age
* Your favorite character
* Do you plan on sharing any songfics or news?
* If posting fics, (even if you aren't) an artist/song you would like to see used in a fic.
* Other stuff. Bands, books, etc.


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Thanks for joining! We hope you enjoy your stay here.
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